Monday, October 15, 2007

Wonderful, Bizarre Little Animation

Check out this amazing little thing, by Run Wrake (apologies for not naming him or her earlier). Where do people think of this stuff? The images remind me of some of the things I used to find at car boot sales in England (like American flea markets). I would buy whatever I could, because the whole world depicted in the schoolbooks or blocks or whatever it was was really odd in a way I couldn't put my finger on. I made lots of sculptures with them, trying to figure it out - but this animation really catches it for me (why ink and feathers? Perhaps it's all for the Pen of my Aunt).

Thanks to ZeFrank, one of my favorite silly sites, for the link. Enjoy!


mordicai said...

You know, I'd seen that ages ago, but I don't think I'd watched through till the end. Fun!

Anonymous said...

Made my day. I love the way the little girl wields the knife over the rabbit at the beginning.

theskyfullofdust said...

That is excellent, if a little disturbing (which makes it even better, but that's just my twisted tastes). Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

That's Run Wrake's "Rabbit", one of my favorite recent animated films.

There's a higher-quality version of it on his website.