Sunday, October 28, 2007

Star Trek Translated into Gorey-ese

What can I say? You must read this, by Shaenon Garrity, to believe it.

Weird thing is, I was actually a young teenager visiting Massachusetts in 1980 when Gorey's Dracula was being put on nearby (see the link, they discuss it). I was dying to see it, but couldn't get a ride, and was too young to find another way - it even had Frank Langella, who had starred in Dracula: a Love Story, and on whom I had a massive crush at the time. I have regretted it ever since. Moral: spare no expense to do something you will regret not doing for the rest of your life...


Penny L. Richards said...

I saw that Gorey production of Dracula on Broadway--but not with Frank Langella. Raul Julia took over the role later in the run. And he was a very cool Dracula too, I must say. I was a young teenager at the time, too!

Penny L. Richards said...

Oh also--there's a Wendy Lesser essay about Iris Murdoch watching "Star Trek" with fascination:

What Star Trek might look like in her style, I'll leave the more literary folks to imagine!

Heather McDougal said...

Leonard sent me this interesting email:

Thanks for the Trek/Gorey link. You might not know that Shaenon Garrity also wrote an amazing mad-science webcomic called Narbonic. It ran for six years and is currently about a year into rerunning with
author's commentary:

Thanks Leonard!