Friday, October 19, 2007

Creative Use of Junkyard Find

Check out this sculpture created by a 6th grader at the school I work at. Gabe H., on seeing this adding machine at a junkyard, decided it looked like a car, and wanted to add wheels, so with the help of his dad he welded these sawblades to pipe-axles. Give it a shove and it really travels - but watch what surface it's sitting on...

it reminds me just a little bit of a kind and gentle Survival Research Labs machine (see below).


Sara said...

Wow, how great is that. Kids are great, because they don't have as many voices in the head saying "I can't do that". Instead they hear "wow, that looks like a car!!"

Anonymous said...

I am thoroughly enjoying your blog, it is marvelous. Somehow I just stumbled across it; what good fortune for me!

The story about the passenger pigeons tugged on my heartstrings. How sad. How sad that we don't seem to have a DNA sample to resurrect this species, if that is indeed possible.