Sunday, March 25, 2007

Modern Automata

There's a number of really interesting modern automata I've seen around. A little off-topic, but interesting as an evolution from the fine and elegant automata of the Enlightenment...

Chomick and Meder create slightly creepy automata (below) with wonderful mechanisms.

And then there's Cabaret Mechanical Theater, in the UK, with some really lovely stuff for sale.

Lastly, look at this little interview with Ernie Fosselius, maker of hand-cranked, carved wooden automa (see below), courtesy of David Pescovitz (of Make: magazine's blog), via Rocketboom. These are marvelous little creations he keeps in a moving "theater" which he shares with high school students. Ernie also gives credit to one of my favorite institutions, the Musee Mechanique in San Francisco.

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