Monday, June 2, 2008

Steampunk School Bus

Sometimes, when I'm lucky, my daughters and I sit around the dinner table and go off into flights of fancy. They give me excellent advice on my fiction (some of which is for children), coming up with often brilliant ideas which stir my imagination.

Last night we got onto the topic of things which would make my life easier, and I said I wished there was a school bus or some servant who would take them to school and pick them up (we live in a rural area). We started talking about ideal forms of transport - and they came up with this marvelous idea, which caught my fancy so much that I stayed up until midnight putting an image together. After all, what is Steampunk without silliness? In fact, what is anything without silliness?


Wood said...

You mean there are no school buses in rural areas, in the States ?

Heather McDougal said...

Oh, yes there are, but in California the education budget is nearly nil, strangely enough. In our area the school district got together with the city bus system to run a bus that covered the area the school bus used to cover, then three years later cut that service back so that it only went from the local village to the local town (for the upper grades). So those of us out in the sticks were out of luck, and have to drive the young children to school, and the older children to the bus stop (up to 25 miles - forty minutes on country roads - for some of us, just to get to the bus which then takes another 25 minutes).

I keep thinking the Clean Air Act must cover it somehow, since so much gas is being used to get children to school - but haven't found a loophole yet.

So hooray for air transport! Cut your one-hour commute to education down to only ten minutes!

Anonymous said...

Lovely rendering!
I've been meaning to recommend to you, if you make it out to Dubrovnik (which I'm sure you will if you haven't already), you would love the Incorruptible, St. Silvan. We discovered him by accident, he wasn't mentioned in any of our guide books. Here's a pic:

How are you liking Croatia?

Anonymous said...

What a great idea!

Have you seen the book Airborn (Kenneth Oppel)? It was lotsa fun, mostly because it was a semi-steampunk and I'd never read one, but recognized a lot of the elements. Especially as it seemed to be very similar to Castle in the Sky.
It's a kid's book, but there's no schoolbus. You guys get to have that one! A much more original idea, in Airborn the world works with the incarnations of zeppelins as history knew them, though great with detail.