Monday, August 13, 2007

On Vacation...From My Vacation

...That's from a Swollen Monkeys song. If anyone has a digital copy, let me know, my friend Gwyan is looking for it.

The Matter At Hand: I am taking a vacation for a couple of weeks, and hope that anyone who reads this will not simply fling up their hands and abandon me. I find that there are too many people in my house to do proper research right now, and am looking forward to the beginning of the school year to recapture some uninterrupted thoughts. Hope to see you soon!


theskyfullofdust said...

I will be sure to check back in a few weeks and keep reading. This blog's full of interesting stuff.

annie said...

ah, such modesty. So fitting... for the Cabinet of Wonders.

Anonymous said...

Have a lovely vacation!