Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Home Again

Oh, my. It is nice to be home.

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you're back in some beloved place, among lost loved ones, and you're just so very happy to be there? And then you wake up?

Well, I'm back home, and having that dream, and I'm not waking up! But I'm very jet-lagged. And I'm going to WorldCon tomorrow in Denver. So that might be a dream of a different sort. Anyone going to be there?

Still, I am publishing the second half of the Swiss-y Stuff, and hope that you will forgive me if it's not as polished or as stimulating as it could be. More (and better) posts (hopefully several) next week!


Namnet said...

Being abroad my dreams are usually about travelling to that beloved place. So I keep on travelling both in reality and in dreams:-)
I am looking forward to your next posts and welcome home:-)

Tania said...

Welcome back! It's been very interesting following your adventures and discoveries. My first plane so I can get to WorldCon leaves in about 6 hours, I might see you there.

Thanks for all the interesting writing and observations.

donna said...

Elaine from Five Acres with a View is there....


I are so envious....

James said...

Yes, this is absolutely right. I think this is the common as i know because its happened with me also i heard some cases.

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