Sunday, February 5, 2012

What Ever Happened to Dog Carts?

I happened across this some time ago, at Terrierman's Daily Dose.  He has a large number of old photos of dogcarts all around the world; mostly they are carts for milk delivery or other kinds of small delivery, pulled by one or more dogs.

An example of a milk cart, full of canisters.  The unhitched terrier is probably a guard dog.
 Dog cart mobile tea delivery, Brussels, with three dog team.

Dog cart postcard, Quebec.

There are lots more pictures on his blog; check it out.  He is a great believer in working dogs; in fact, the blog is connected with his website about working terriers: his hobby or possibly profession is hunting groundhogs, foxes, etc in their holes using terriers (often the prey are caught around farms and relocated to wilder areas).  


Trish said...

I have fond memories of seeing these in Limerick city, where I grew up. Haven't seen any on either side of the atlantic in ages.s

Jennifer said...

This post brought to mind another blogger that I follow ( He made a dog cart for his dog to pull and his small children to ride around Detroit in. Links to the dog cart posts (including videos) can be found at

Coincidentally, he also has some great photos of the interiors of abandoned buildings in Detroit (

Thanks for writing an always fascinating blog!