Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wunderkammer-Inspired Sculptural Crochet

Anna A. pointed me to Jessica Polka's delicate creations, both crocheted and embroidered. She is interested in the natural curiosities found in Wunderkammern, and has found a way to make them sculpturally via crochet. Her work is small - in some cases, even tiny - and exquisite.

She has a blog called Wunderkammer, in which she posts new creations and happenings in the life of an exquisite thing-maker, and she sells patterns for many of them at San Francisco's Curiosity Shoppe. She also occasionally posts a free pattern and instructions on her blog if you're interested in trying it out. Apparently she did a workshop at said Curiosity Shoppe in February, which I am sad to have missed! Here is something she developed to help her students learn the basic ideas and shapes for sculptural crochet:

You can see more pictures of her tiny things here.

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